I have a small/mid storage unit with contents from a 2 bed house, which i need moving from St Helier to Fliquet this week. I need the items unloading and putting in the rooms this week in a 2 bed terrace/2 floors. We will help unload/load if necessary.

All items are packed and wrapped in blankets. Contents are:

1 x L Shape Sofa (two pieces – very light but large)
1 x tv unit
1 x dining table (flat packed) + 6 chairs
2 x beds (flat packed)
2 x mattresses (king sized)
1 x desk (flat packed)
8 x large storage boxes (various contents)
1 x triple wardrobe with glass doors, and drawers (flat packed)
1 x small freezer
1 x small drinks fridge
1 x freexer
1 x washing machine

If need be we can move the boxes, and the smaller items. The larger furniture is what I definitely need moving. They will fit into a large box van, a LWB transit would have to make 2 maybe 3 trips.

My preference would be for someone else to move them, but I am on a tight budget.

Please let me have your best quotes. Items moved in the daylight preferably, and I will be at the property/unit to help direct what goes where.