How Jersey Quote works for your business…

With no subscription, membership fees or fixed cost of any kind, Jersey Quote is a great new way for you to generate business leads and simply pay for the ones that interest you. By choosing which jobs to quote on and when, you get the flexibility to respond to quotation requests when you’re available to do the work. We’ll charge you a small one off fee if you decide to quote for a job we send you.

If your business is not already listed, let us know

Jersey Quote’s sister website is Jersey’s largest and most comprehensive online directory, with thousands of business listings. If your business features with us on Jersey Directory and we think our service can benefit you, we’ll have automatically included you on Jersey Quote. If your business is not listed with us and you want to join us, simply email us at and we’ll be in touch to build your profile.

If your business has been listed on Jersey Quote and you decide that our unique service doesn’t quite work for you, please email us at the address above and we’ll remove you.

Receive quotes

Work needed by our users that match the services you provide will be sent to you by email for your consideration. You then decide if the job is right for your business, and if your available etc. We make this easy for you by ensuring our users provide us a full description of the following:

  • Details of the work they want done
  • Any images that might help explain things
  • Their parish
  • When they need the work
  • Their budget

If you can’t undertake the work and don’t wish to quote, that’s fine as you can simply ignore the quote request and of course there is no charge to you.

Quote on a job

When you receive a quotation request from us that interests you and looks right for your business, you follow the dedicated link provided in the email in order to obtain the potential new customer’s contact details. At this point we’ll ask you to pay a small one-off fee for this information, and when you’ve done this you will instantly receive an automated email with all the information you need.

From here it’s entirely up to you when and how you respond to the customer. You’ll have from us all the details of the work they want done (you’ll have seen this before you even decided you wanted to quote for it) plus their full contact details such as email address, contact telephone number and if provided, their postal address.


After a period of time, all customers will be asked to submit a review of the service you and other businesses have provided. This isn’t just for the business that wins the work, we’ll also ask our users to rate the quotes they received too, so even if you didn’t win the work you can be rewarded for your prompt and friendly quotation.


Why should I use Jersey Quote?

Our site offers additional benefits to traditional advertising methods based on a no subscription or membership policy. We connect you with busy customers who don’t want to spend time calling round multiple businesses but what the benefit of receiving a number of quotations. Jersey Quote offers the following benefits:

  • No waiting for the phone to ring – Requests for quotes will be emailed directly to you
  • Only pay for the quotes that interest you – You’ll be able to see whether a job is of value to you long before you have to pay for the customer’s details
  • Grow your reputation – We’ll ask our users to rate not only the business they choose to carry out the work, but the quality of the quotes they received from others

How do I make myself available so as to quote on jobs?

Let us know that you’d like to be listed on our site as a recognised trade or business. We’ll then commence sending through the quote requests that we feel meet with the services you require directly to your preferred email address.

How much will the service cost me?

You will only be charged for each quote request that you decide to quote on. There is no subscription or membership fee. We will charge you a small fee for each quote you select to quote on….


The cost to receive a customer’s contact details for a quote you are interested in responding to is just 99p. This is a fixed price for all categories, regardless of the type of work the customer needs doing, or the budget they set.

Should I provide a quote or an estimate?

It’s entirely up to you whether the service you provide befits supplying the customer with a quote, fixed price, estimate or hourly rate but you should make this clear in the response you provide them just as you would with any enquiry that comes direct to you.