7×7 concrete slab with hardcore bed for a shed.

I’m clearing a space in the corner of a garden where I plan to erect a shed, for which I need a decent concrete base. I’d like the slab to be flush with the patio on the near-side of the attached photo and about 6-12 inches or so from the fencing on the left so as I can lay down some gravel for drainage. The topsoil area in the photo is approx 2.5m wide by 2.3m deep.

Any excess topsoil can be dumped on site – there’s no need to cart any away. Materials will likely need to be wheelbarrowed around to the location from the driveway on the opposite corner of the building as there’s no easy access to get a truck near the location, short of driving it into the field next door and craning it over the fence.

Please only reply if you’re interested in the job. Thanks.